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C CHEYNE 'Conkwell Grange' Mare and Foal 1992
Conkwell Grange
Mare and Foal 1992

oil on panel
approx 18" x 36"



' Conkwell Grange ' Mare and Foal was painted during the summer of 1992 in the beautiful English county of Wiltshire.   That was the year I took up painting and went in at the deep-end with oil paints.   'Conkwell Grange' was my fifth completed painting and it was an epic undertaking at the time.  I laid the background colour on in oils and made a detailed drawing on top and sealed it, and then for weeks I was too terrified to start painting! I mucked around with another small painting and some drawings, and eventually I began painting and it took 5 or 6 weeks to complete the horses.  I was then faced with the somewhat daunting prospect of cutting in a different background colour around them, and was enormously relieved when it was suggested that they looked very well against the original under-painting colour and there was nothing to be gained by going any further!