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Oil Paintings by COLETTE CHEYNE

Welcome to Colette Cheyne's on-line Gallery of Oil Paintings and Drawings

On this page are links to the main gallery pages including latest works out of the studio,
available originals under bird paintings and other animal paintings and wildlife studies under the mammals heading.

Also see the Wild Cats exhibition of oil paintings and studies,
Colette's sell-out solo exhibition held at International Art Centre in August 2007

Wild Cat Studies

15 oil paintings of the big cats including cheetah, clouded leopard, 'golden tabby' white tiger,
african lion and lion cubs, sumatran tiger, and smaller wild-cats including caracal, serval, wildcat, scottish wildcat

Presentation drawings and study sketches can also be viewed from the drawings page; more will be included for sale in the new year.
Under recent works are some of the wildlife paintings, bird paintings, animal portraits and studies sold over the past few years including Colette's Serval 2001 painting, recipient of Best of Show award in Sierra Endangered Cat Haven's international juried exhibition Wild Cat Art 2001. The paintings included in earlier works range in date from 1992 to c 2000, one of the earliest being 'Conkwell Grange' Mare and Foal featured on the Earlier Works page.

Other than the pencil drawings and study sketches, all art works are in oils on gessoed panels, occasionally oil on (linen) canvas.
All paintings are custom-framed, hand-coloured and gilded (the occasional exception being black).

A couple of limited edition prints are also available - Scottish Wildcat and Fox Cubs Studies.  All prints sales benefit animal care or
wildlife conservation.

Click on the thumbnails to view full images and 'detail' enlargements along with information as to medium, size and date.

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