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'ENCOUNTERS' Wild Cat Studies
2007 Solo Exhibition by Colette Cheyne
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C CHEYNE   Wildcat 

  Young Lion - oil on panel 400x350mm |
original oil painting by Colette Cheyne 2007 Cheetah - oil on panel 380x500mm Serval in Grass ( sleeping serval ) |
oil on panel 420 x 630 mm Sumatran Tiger Portrait - oil on panel 460x400mm 'Golden Tabby' Tigress ( white tiger study ) |
oil on panel 350 x 530 mm Clouded Leopard Study - oil on panel 400x330mm Lion Cub Study - oil on panel 460x400mm Caracal Study - oil on panel 460x400mm Serval (serval cat in full sitting on profile) |
oil on panel 520 x 665 mm
   Caracal painting - oil on panel 460x400mm
 Serval Study - oil on panel 460x400mm 'Dreams of Africa' ( study of old male lion asleep ) | 
oil on panel 280 x 350 mm Wildcat ( Scottish Wildcat ) |
oil on panel 520 x 480 mm 'What Cats Do Best' ( sleeping lion cub study ) |
oil on panel 390 x 320 mm Wildcat Study ( scottish wildcat ) |
oil on panel 460 x 400 mm |
original oil painting by Colette Cheyne 2007

Wild Cat Studies
Colette Cheyne sellout 2007 Solo Exhibition

International Art Centre, Auckland NZ - August-September 2007
15 oil paintings of big cats:  African Lion and lion cubs, Cheetah, Clouded Leopard, 'Golden Tabby' white tiger,
Sumatran Tiger;  and smaller wild-cats - Caracals, Servals, Wildcat, Scottish Wildcat

{catalogue available}

As an artist painting a variety of wildlife subjects from birds to small mammals to the great cats, I would have to say that felines are my favourite subject to paint, and usually still the most challenging!   Perhaps that's because I know them better than my other animal subjects.  Degas said painting is easy when you don't know how, and certainly for me painting hasn't got much easier and the better
I understand wild cats, each species' unique characteristics and each cat's individuality and sameness, not to mention the obvious and inevitable comparisons with their domestic cousins, the more difficult it is to portray these cats just as I mean to - to get it right.

Many wild cats were not included in this exhibition; some I've painted before or since and will paint again - many more still are yet to have their portraits painted...  Presently in the studio in varying degrees of completion are studies of the Amur or Siberian Tiger and another Sumatran Tiger painting, the unique Pallas Cat or Manul, Fishing Cat, Ocelot, Amur Leopard, Snow Leopard, Indian Desert Cat (Asian Wildcat).

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for Colette's 'Encounters' Wild Cat Studies solo exhibition

For more big cats paintings and other wild cat studies, see latest works and available originals under the mammals heading for snow leopard, amur (siberian) leopard, sumatran tiger and African lion, also the drawings page if you are interested in seeing a few study sketches.  Also under recent works and  earlier works you can view some of the wild cats paintings previously sold including a couple of  jaguar studies and some of my earliest paintings of servals.


Index to Colette Cheyne's big cats and other wild cats paintings and drawings


African Lions | Amur Leopard | Amur Tiger | Asian Wildcat | Bengal Tiger | Caracal | Cheetah | Clouded Leopard

Fishing Cat | Golden Tabby White Tiger | Indian Desert Cat | Jaguar | Lynx | Ocelot | Pallas Cat ( Manul )

Puma | Scottish Wildcat | Serval | Siberian Tiger | Snow Leopard | Sumatran Tiger | Wildcat

These are just a few of the 36 species of wild cats big and small, I hope one day to have drawn or painted them all!


Scottish Wildcat Limited Edition Prints
30% donated to Scottish Wildcat Association


WILDCAT Limited Edition Prints C Cheyne 2006

Signed and Numbered Edition of 50 on 100% Cotton Rag


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